Altar Servers Association

St. Mary’s Church Dehiwala has a proud history, where Altar serving too has been a prominent part of Religious Functions. Altar Serving has continued under the Patronage of the Parish Priest and guidance of moderators. This tradition continues to the present day. The Altar Servers were revived under the Supervision and guidance of Rev. Fr. Marcus Ferdinandez who named the association as ” The Saint Dominic Savio’s Altar Servers Association. ” The Altar Servers are trained to participate in Eucharistic Celebrations and Religious Observances. A sports day and outdoor expeditions too are important events in the calendar of the Altar servers. Discipline coupled with a sound code of ethics in an environment of religious upbringing, brings about the quality of students through Altar Serving. The association is in the process of improving it’s horizons by improving the choral quality the Altar Servers Choir, Training the next generation of Lectors and Accompanists, Career Guidance and organizing a Parents committee to look in to the co-ordination of activities and strengthen bonds with Church. The current cadre stands at 32 Altar Servers. 

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