Liturgy Committee

Liturgy Is the customary worship performed by a religious group, according to its beliefs, customs and traditions. As a religious phenomenon, liturgy is a communal response to and participation in, the scared through activity reflecting praise, thanksgiving, supplication or repentance. 

The Liturgy Committee comprises of around 22 members headed by our Parish Priest Rv. Fr. Daya Weikadarachi and the Assistant Priest, Rev. Fr. Rajith Edirisinghe. This committee is of major importance because in order to plan and prepare interesting and energetic liturgies, one must first of all seriously reflect on and study basic principles of liturgy and the theology underlying it.  

The committee oversees the parish’s liturgical life, plans the entire liturgical year so as to ensure that a calendar of special events be prepared and combined to the community. Liturgy meetings are held whenever we need to discuss matters for special events. A Lectors ministry was formed so as to meet once a month and discuss about the importance of reading the scriptures in a meaningful manner with the arrangement of a guest speaker too. A roster was also prepared for the readers. 

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